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About Us


Pushp Trading Company (P) Ltd., an ISO 9001-2008 accredited Company, is engaged in supplying of premium quality chemicals, aluminium, and other industrial products.

Our journey began in the year 1946 with a strong commitment to providing excellent quality chemical and aluminum products, suitable for pharma, food, agricultural uses, and industrial uses. Today, our enterprise is surging ahead purely on the merit of implementing new business ethics and modern practices along with a dedicated and positive attitude team which enhances our product quality. Our strength lies in our ability to focus on every detail while not losing attention to the overall structure.

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Our Story

Pushp Trading Company - started in 1946, before India's Independence in 1947. It holds a beacon to all the entrepreneurial spirit of Indians who are self-self-reliant and sustain the highest ethics in business. We are the fifth generation in serving our state and country by way of maintaining top customer service and the highest standards of products.

Pushp Trading is the SOLE Distributor of TATA CHEMICALS LTD. in Telangana and supplies Sodium Bicarbonate, Soda Ash, Medikarb, Alkakarb, Sodakarb, Food Grade, Feed Grade, Pharma Grade, and industrial-grade chemicals.

Our Aluminium division shares supply chain value in architectural and industrial aluminum products. Special alloys for heavy industrial usages and roofing sheets and profiles.


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