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At PUSHP, we have a wide range of product offerings that will support your continued operations, plus the supply chain capabilities that can help you outperform your competition.

Whether you are running multistep reactions or performing simple dissolutions, Pushp Trading has the raw materials and complementary services to help you achieve business success. As a collaborative partner, we work with you at every stage, from material traceability to waste disposal.

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Tata Chemicals' products have multiple uses and are considered essential raw materials in a wide range of chemical industries and processes. Sodium Bicarbonate is a highly versatile alkali with applications ranging across food, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, flue gas desulphurization, and specialty chemicals. Tata Chemicals is the world’s 4th largest Sodium Bicarbonate manufacturer with more than 200,000 MT per annum production across Europe and Asia.

Sodium Bicarbonate is manufactured via a synthetic route using limestone, brine, and carbon dioxide. The Indian operations are based out of Mithapur with a 100,000 MT per annum production capacity.








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The Nutritional Science division of Tata Chemicals Ltd, under the brand Tata NQ, offers nature-inspired and science-backed ingredient and formulation solutions catering to human and animal health. The flagship product of Tata NQ — FOSSENCE® — is a Prebiotic dietary fiber that promotes the growth of gut microbiome, and improves digestive and immune health.

Tata NQ’s products find use in multiple applications across health foods, beverages, cereals, nutraceuticals, confectionery, and specialized geriatric, infant, women, and sports nutrition food supplements. With our food-tech experts, we are continuously working with global players in the food segment and developing new products and recipes to keep pace with fast-changing food industry requirements.

The prebiotics and dietary fibers in our portfolio are:

Fructo Oligosaccharide: FOSSENCE® is a 100% soluble, potent prebiotic and dietary fiber made from fermented cane sugar, which selectively enhances the growth of beneficial microbiota in the gut. A healthy microbiome is known to improve immunity, nutrient absorption, lipid transport, and overall digestive and bowel health.

FOSSENCE® PRO – for infant food applications


FOSSENCE® – for food & beverage and nutraceuticals applications


Available in powder and liquid forms

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Your Trusted Partner for Chemical Needs

77 years in business, providing stability and reliability.
Unbeatable FIVE generations of top customer service. 

We understand that the most significant drain on your business is downtime. 

We at Pushp lead the industry in on-time delivery records through our private network connections. In our hands, you can have confidence that we are striving to deliver the right products to you at the right time to ensure your production schedule will continue to run smoothly.

As bulk chemical distributors, Pushp Trading enables customers to save on costs, supply continuum challenges, and logistic disruptions. By partnering with us, we aid in the increased efficiency of your operations, which enables you to save time and money in procuring key raw materials from a single point contact. In addition, as chemical distributors, we facilitate improved delivery times and higher reliability in procurement than the manufacturers themselves.

Warehouse Distribution

PUSHP's warehouse distribution business is at the core of our operations. We purchase chemicals in truckload or larger quantities to connect large chemical producers with smaller customers. Our network of warehouses allows us to service most customers from multiple locations, enabling us to move products efficiently and economically on a real-time basis.

Direct Distribution

PUSHP's direct distribution business provides point-to-point logistics for full truckloads or larger quantities of chemicals between producers and customers. Direct from the manufacturer - ensure you with top quality and cost savings.

Inventory Management

We manage inventory to meet customer demands on short notice. Our role in the supply chain enables us to obtain access to chemicals in times of short supply, and our global distribution network permits us to stock products locally, enhancing just-in-time delivery and providing outsourced inventory management.

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